Hatcher's Game Preserve is located in Albion, Pennsylvania and is planted for upland game birds and with strips of corn and sorghum, and the preserve offers mowed paths. Minimum $185.00 hunt. You are welcome to bring your own dog; or we can provide a guide and dog for a fee.

Hunting season runs from September through April, with half-day hunts scheduled by appointment. Our half-day hunts are from 9am to 12pm and again from 1pm to 4pm.

Hunters may have up to three guests. There is a $10.00 fee if we release the birds for your hunt, but you may choose to release your own birds. Hunters pay for all released birds for each hunt.

Facilities are open one hour prior to the hunt and one hour after. You may use our cleaning room facilities for $15.00 per usage (to cover bird removal, cleaning supplies and baggies). You must leave the room clean and ready to use for the next person. We also offer bird cleaning services at $2.50 each (Breasting Only), but please note that advance notice is required. 

We recommend using the majority of your birds by mid-December, due to heavy snow accumulation, cold weather, and cover for birds during the hunt. We reserve the right to refuse anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



Please Remember:

250 square inches of orange is required!



All Payments

Must Be Made

In Cash Or

By Check


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